Welcome to WOWEunite

WOWEuniteWOWEunite is a place for Women Of the Wise Earth (WOWE) to gather, connect, share & shine! Unleash your delicious feminine prowess and join the revoLOVEtion.

Join juicy siSTARS around the world in sacred circle, song, dance, inspiration, ancient wisdom and intuitive guidance as we journey through the seven chakras. Be filled again and again through communion with nature. Reawaken your ancient womanly wisdom.

WOWEunite is a space to share the rainbow gems that will inevitably spill forth in abundance–pictures and inSPIRITations from your WOWE gatherings as well as Mama Earth’s wisdom from your nook of the world.

The rainbow shenanigans began in 2012 when 33 women gathered seven times in seven sacred natural places to co-create the book Women of the Wise Earth. The book continues to inspire and ignite, so much so that WOWEunite was birthed to ripple the rainbow Love, LIVE TIME, with YOU.

WOWE is now going global. We’re inviting YOU to join us in 2013 for an 8 month cycle through the chakras…in your home town! WOWEunite is a movement encouraging siSTARS around the world to hold sacred circle at the same time (local) and then connect on a special Facebook group page to share (global). It is time to shine, with many, as one!

You can partake as a WOWE circle facilitator or by joining your local circle. If there is no local circle…start one! All facilitators will connect with one another and WOWE author, Nicole Gruel, on a monthly online call at the full moon. A facilitator’s pack will be provided as well as ongoing support in holding sacred rainbow space. If your heart sings and butterflies in your belly dance as you read this, then say YES! gorgeous one. Your tribe awaits!!

The WOWE book provides a template for the WOWE circles. The flavour and direction of each circle will unfold organically through the synergy of your local group, your personal magic and creativity & communion with mother nature. We are here to learn from and inspire one another.


Feb 10 -Root chakra
Mar 12 -Sacral chakra
Apr 10 -Solar plexus chakra
May 10 -Heart chakra
Jun 9 -Throat chakra
Jul 8 -Third eye chakra
Aug 7 -Crown chakra
Sep 5 -Integration rainbow party!

*Dates are based on new moon. Exact dates of WOWE gatherings in your local area are to be decided by circle facilitators, though around this time.

Check out the ‘Events’ page to connect with a WOWE circle in your area.

Want to start a WOWE circle in your part of the world? BRILLIANT! Contact Nicole (BarefootStoryweaver@gmail.com) for your facilitator’s pack and access to our monthly facilitator POW-WOWEs.

You can purchase your copy of WOWE through Amazon (cheapest option) or here, where you’ll also find the WOWE companion e-book—a treasure trove of practical goodies to get your siSTAR shine on!

Together we create heavenly earth. Welcome to WOWEunite.