Welcome beloved sparks!

The 33 women who gathered to create this book come from a variety of backgrounds and have mountains of experience between them. Here you will find a little more about each person and their contact details. We’re all very friendly, so please feel free to connect with anyone who resonates with you. Peace and blessings.


Nicole Gruel
(Book Vision, Facilitation & Compilation)

Nicole is a storyweaver with an insatiable enthusiasm for inner alchemy and the co-creative process. She has trained as a holistic counsellor, Soul Purpose Facilitator, Chakradance™ Instructor, Psychological Type practitioner and is regularly involved in community development and enrichment projects locally and across the globe. She uses a fusion of archetypes, Jungian psychological type, Eastern mysticism and sacred ritual to journey through the soulscape of the individual and the collective.

She is the author of Dancing With Dragons: A Journey to Wholeness, and was invited to write children’s stories for Chakradance and articles for the Australian Association of Psychological Type and the Swedenborg Association of Australia.


Kristie Steers
(Photographer & Creative Director)

Born in Wyoming, USA, and raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it’s no surprise that Kristie feels a connection with natural environments. She’s had an interest for photography and capturing moments on film from an early age. Kristie combines her broad professional background in management, marketing, administration and events with her passion for photography, travel, event planning and design. She believes the natural elements surrounding our daily lives are but a hidden canvas waiting to be exposed by the camera lens. Kristie loves working with people and receives immense satisfaction by exposing their inner beauty for all to see.


Alana Fairchild (Kali Amma)

‘I often wonder how to describe my work. Today I shall say soul whisperer, shaman priestess, spiritual alchemist and divine voice channel. On less verbally-playful days, I am a spiritual teacher and healer.’ Alana connects people to their divine soul so that they may walk the path of their highest spiritual destiny, whatever that might be.

Alana has always been in conscious connection with Spirit. She felt the call at age nine, offering guidance to her fellow classmates in a school-yard healing centre (under the tree, by the back gate in the playground). She had a distinct memory of knowing she was meant to be in a guiding role but lacked life experience. Quite a thought for a nine year old! Just over a decade later, she began healing professionally. Nearly two decades on, the work has evolved and she offers subtle, powerful healings through sound, energy transmission and divine grace. www.alanafairchild.com 

Alessandra Menegon

Alessandra has always been curious and interested in understanding life, herself and the world. She grew up in Italy where she studied biological sciences, martial arts and Zen meditation. Following her intuition she traveled to Australia in 1997 where she continued her work in biomedical research and completed her Masters degree and PhD at Sydney university. In 2003 she continued her exploration, taking the Avatar® course. She gained experiential clarity of how her own consciousness works through using the very simple yet extremely effective Avatar exercises to  manage her  own belief system and live deliberately. Since 2005, as an Avatar master, she has delivered Avatar at regional and international courses in Australia, New Zealand and USA. She currently lives in Sydney with her family.

Angela Brown

Angela is a qualified counsellor whose practice, Calm by Nature, is based in northern Sydney. With a fascination for how nature can help busy individuals better meet life’s stresses and transitions, Angela uses themes in nature as a ‘springboard’ when working with clients. From experience, she has come to believe passionately in the power of nature to unlock key pathways which lead to relaxation, insight and healing even in busy urban lifestyles. Angela’s intuitive yet very practical style equips her well to support time-poor clients who wish to find ways to maintain a level of calm amongst life’s challenges.

Angela is also an accredited practitioner with The Journey (Brandon Bays) and is authorised to facilitate The Transformation Game, a useful tool for self-discovery and personal transformation. She has trained in Australian Bushflower Essences, Reiki, and Sacred Stone Therapy. www.calmbynature.com.au

Claire Hickson

Claire is a mother of two vibrant boys and an Aura-Soma Colour Care Practitioner.  She offers Aura-Soma consultations using the divine Aura-Soma colour care energised products, containing the energies of crystals, herbs, plants, gems and semi-precious stones. Having used Aura-Soma extensively during pregnancy and birth, Claire specialises in working with women preparing for conception and pregnancy, as well as with mothers and their children. Claire gives Aura-Soma talks and presentations and runs Aura-Soma workshops for adults and children, co-creating a space of joy and harmony. Claire co-owns The Colour Rose with her husband John, runs an Aura-Soma online store The Colour Rose Online, and is a member of the H.E.A.L Network on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She is dedicated to spreading love, light and colour through the beauty of Aura-Soma, and delights in the privilege of travelling along her journey with others on a path of self-discovery. www.thecolourrose.com.au

Diana Scanlan

Diana has a powerful gift for healing. Having the intuitive ability of ‘seeing’ what and where one’s bodily challenges are she is able to target healing directly to that area for intense relief and complete alignment by balancing the energy field (aura). She offers ongoing help with tailored plans to help your healing journey—physically, emotionally and spiritually. She has a special interest in women’s health, aromatherapy and natural cures to help with menopause (and beyond). Diana is passionate about the healing power of nature and the body’s ability to heal itself. She gained a Diploma of Horticulture in her early years, where she worked closely with the earth’s energies gaining insight into the powers of the universe and universal healing. Diana has a deep understanding of human suffering and is caring and empathetic, giving valuable information to help you through your health challenges. www.beingnaturallyhealthy.com

Emma Tryers

Emma completed study in Psychology from the University of Sydney and then went on to further holistic training in psychotherapy, counselling, yoga, meditation, Reiki and Hahnemann healing. Emma draws inspiration from dance, drumming, nature, travel and dolphins. She intuitively infuses an eclectic and unique blend of these realms to create and allow the space for each individual to rediscover and trust in their own innate wisdom. At the core of Emma’s work is building self awareness around different thought, emotional and spiritual patterns. Through private sessions and facilitating group and corporate workshops, Emma supports and leads people to ignite their flame to a conscious, passionate and empowered way of being. www.thepreciousproject.com

Eve Lang

Eve has been doing bodywork since 1998. She endeavoured to take this path after her mother passed away. Her mother and grandmother were clairvoyant aboriginal healers and the gift has been passed onto her. She has completed a Masters in Reiki and Seichim all the while connecting with the gift passed down.

Her purpose on this planet is to be the conduit for her ancesters so she can be of assistance to help heal clients emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She has a strong interest in aboriginal affairs and is an advocate in supporting the young indigenous. She feels a deep connection to the land and wishes to pay her respect to the elders past and present. She is soon to graduate with a Diploma in Art Therapy.

Heidi Lee Warta

Heidi Lee is first and foremost an artist in the truest form. She uses primarily female energy and emotion as the focus of her work and is passionate about this aspect of her art and herself. Continuously inspired by her spiritual life experiences and travels, she creates vibrant and powerful art, encompassing and reflecting all areas of her life. Recently returning from Indonesia with her two young sons, Heidi Lee contributed a great deal of her time and talent co-creating works of art with disabled and orphan children. She helped raise in excess of $20,000AUD for the YPAC Orphanage, a charitable organisation in Bali. This experience has had a valuable and profound effect on her work and life. She now donates a percentage of her income from the sale of her art to various charitable organisations in order to give back to society in gratitude for the god-given gift of her talent in creating art. www.artbyheidilee.com

Heidi contributed several artworks throughout WOWE. 

Helen Ferrara

Helen is first and foremost a parent who is passionate about the world we are bequeathing to our children. Living in different countries including England, Italy and Australia, as well as working in the varied fields of tourism, marketing and teaching, has enabled her to develop a perspective that is questioning and open to renewal. It is a holistic perspective, together with egalitarian social change, which she actively promotes in her writing. Having recently completed a PhD on creativity her aim is to promote a holistic nurturing of creativity through her consultancy Creative Nurture. Helen is also a ChakradanceTM facilitator, a practice that supports the awakening of our creative selves. www.creativenurture.com.au

Ilja Jutte

Ilja has a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences and worked for eight years as a communications officer for Greenpeace in Europe. After a trip around the world swimming with dolphins and whales everything changed. She then consciously handed her life over to Spirit and felt inspired to move to Australia, where she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She became fully qualified in Seven-Level Reiki in 2007 and has been practicing as an energy and spiritual healer since. In 2011, she started facilitating workshops and meditations, driven by her passion to share the joy of awakening. Ilja is in awe with life itself and the miraculous ways in which the heart’s prayer for enlightenment and divine co-creation is answered. With joy, delight and heavenly support, she allows new ways of sharing Love’s healing wisdom and light with others to unfold graciously. www.lightandjoy.com

Jabeen McMahon

Jabeen is a Reiki practitioner originally from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. As a young child Jabeen had always felt strongly connected with her spirituality. Throughout her life journey she has been continually involved in metaphysical studies and natural therapies but it was after the birth of her daughter Jayda that she felt compelled to see major changes in the world and embark on her new phase of life as a spiritual healer. Jabeen likes to keep a balanced lifestyle with the regular practice of yoga, daily meditation. She believes in the power of Reiki to empower one’s life, bringing in health and harmony for the mind, body and soul.

Jade Gluckman

Jade has been devoted to the path of growth and personal development from a very early age and wants to share her journey and evolution with the world. Trained as body worker and energetic healer, she has undertaken many qualifications in the field of natural health; remedial massage, yoga teacher, Human Potentials, Raindrop Technique, Reiki and shamanic practices. She is passionate about healthy eating, food, and loves sharing her artistic vegan flair of cooking. Her journey has taken her to travel and explore the vastness of India and the yogic path through mediation and sahdna (spiritual practice). www.jadegluckman.com

Julie Beynon

Julie has been drawn to the benefits and holistic nature of Dru Yoga since attending her first class in 2001. She established Heart Centre Yoga, located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and has been teaching Dru Yoga since graduating with a Diploma in 2007. She also teaches in the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sydney. Julie is a qualified midwife and Child and Family Health Nurse and teaches prenatal yoga and infant massage. She is a Reiki Master, and has studied widely in the fields of counselling, psychology and spirituality. www.heartcentreyoga.com.au

Karen Oakley

Karen has been on a spiral dance of wonder with the Goddess Isis for many years holding sacred space for individual soul healings and Readings, facilitating Dark and Full Moon Circles, Earth Circles for children and Girl to Goddess groups for teenagers. It has also been her joy to create Celestial Secrets, a sacred journal for working with the cycles of the moon, sun and the stars to awaken and guide the soul in this time of great change. ‘I am very excited to be part of this inspirational book as I believe humanity is ready to embrace Her wisdom of the Divine Feminine and to bring balance, peace and heaven on earth. Celestial blessings of wonder on your awakening.’ www.isimoon.net

Kathleen Chapman

Kathleen works full time as a nurse. She focuses on finding balance in her life using Dru Yoga practices and enjoying Mother Earth’s crystals. She is a caring mother of two, who is learning to open her heart and embrace life.


Linda Barripp

Linda is passionate about sharing her knowledge of Reflexology and healing gifts. Having travelled extensively around the world, Linda experienced many cultures and therapies that fed her desire for learning. This led her to the Australian School of Reflexology where she achieved a Diploma of Reflexology in 1997 and became a member of the Reflexology Association of Australia. She is an independent product consultant for doTERRA wellness products, a co-creator of The H.E.A.L. Network, and has certificates of completion in Baby Reflex Techniques, Meridian Therapy, Reproductive Health, Schuessler Tissue Salts and Aromatic Medicine. Linda provides a peaceful and confidential clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Her particular interests are health through pregnancy, women’s wellness, children’s health and holistic health for runners and sports people. She is an active wife, mother of two beautiful boys and as her family grows so does her focus. www.desiredharmony.com

Maira Widholzer

Born in Brazil, Maira soon realised a land far, far away was calling and since 1999 she has called Australia home. After twelve years of working in accounts and administration she opened her own bookkeeping business to assist businesses in trouble. In 2008 she completed a Parapsychology Diploma, which included vibrational healing, crystal healing, colour therapy, Western Feng Shui and meditation. Her work is based on the belief that everything is energy, applying her intuition, spiritual awareness and practical skills each day to all she does. www.thepinkphoenixgroup.com.au

Marjo Van Der Smagt

Transpersonal Art Therapist, creative healer, mixed media artist. In 1996 Marjo moved from Holland to Australia with her husband and two children. In Holland she worked as a mixed media artist, performing artist in elderly homes and did creative work with people who suffered from cancer. In 2006 she qualified as a Transpersonal Art therapist and started working in that field. Creative healing work with people is her passion. She volunteers for the Cancer Council in the Sydney Adventist Hospital. Marjo runs private art therapy sessions, group art therapy, mixed media art lessons and workshops. ‘Being creative is letting your inner child come out and play!’  www.artmarjo.com.au

Marjo contributed several artworks throughout WOWE

Maxine Grace Oakley

Maxine had been looking for answers in many different ways, mostly in all the wrong places using all the wrong tools. After leaving school as soon as legally able, life proved to be a series of personal, self-created disasters! She never held a job for long, by choice, flitting between radio, advertising and childcare, all similar in nature. She later travelled Australia and Europe on a shoe-string, reciting poetry as she went. Mostly these recitals were held in pubs, which did nothing to help Maxine’s sensitive nature, not to mention her fondness for anything that would take her away from the everyday!

Back in Australia life suddenly became magically meaningful after meeting her now partner, Lazlo and having their gorgeous daughter Isis-Electra in 2008. ‘I feel both honoured and delighted to be a part of this amazing book and send my love and blessings to all who read it.’

Meredith (Mim) Wilson

A Crafted Woman. From the time Meredith was born she has been journeying through life accumulating a vast arrange of life experiences enabling her soul to be ever evolving and growing. She is constantly honing her skills, refining her work, learning and growing as a healer, medium and meditation facilitator and offers her services to others, for others and with others. One of Meredith’s greatest desires is helping others create empowerment through self-awareness, healing the inner-child and loving what they perceive as negatives. Meredith is a talented intuit, spiritual and energetic healer, psychic reader and qualified Reiki Master. She is open, compassionate and deals only with integrity. She uses different combinations of spiritual guidance, energetic and crystal healing, psychic awareness and Reiki during each session to inspire, empower and guide people back to a state of ‘wholeness’. www.stepsandstones.com.au

Merle Conyer

Merle’s passion is to work at the intersection of wellbeing, human rights and sustainability. Her psychotherapy practice supports people forging new life choices, simplifying and downshifting, recovering from burnout and trauma, and dying mindfully. She has worked with services supporting refugees, asylum seekers and children at risk of abuse and has held senior positions in commercial organisations.

Merle’s passion for learning and volunteering has inadvertently led to qualifications in Somatic Psychotherapy, Counselling, Energetic Healing, Education, Communication, Meditation and Mathematics. She is an associate member of the Australian Somatic Psychotherapy Association (ASPA) and the Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists (AABCAP). Merle can be reached on (61) 417 285 627.

Natalie Southgate

Natalie founded Chakradance in 1998 while working and studying in London. She qualified as a healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (UK) and with the College of Psychic Studies (UK) in 1999. She also gained a Diploma in Analytical Psychology and Healing with Distinction in 2000 with the Society for Psychology and Healing (UK). Natalie has run workshops at Deepak Chopra’s esteemed Chopra Center in California and led thousands through the healing moves and sounds of Chakradance at Dr Doreen Virtue’s acclaimed Angel Intuitive training courses in Australia. She co-authored the book Chakradance: Rhythm for your Soul (Hay House) and together with New World Music compiled the acclaimed Chakradance CD. Natalie runs workshops, facilitator training, retreats and has a private practice in Sydney offering chakra healing sessions. www.chakradance.com

Nicki Last

Nicki is a counsellor, healer and spiritual coach. More importantly she is a daughter, a mother and a woman. What makes her heart sing is helping people see that the most important relationship they can have is the one they have with themselves. It is her strong belief that the relationship we have with ourselves is the relationship we have with Spirit, the Universe and/or God. As a daughter, mother and woman, she laughs, cries, gets angry, and makes mistakes. There are times that she gets jealous and resentful. There are times that she is compassionate, understanding and loving. Nicki knows addiction, suicide and understands chronic illness; she has lived with these aspects of humanness. She also knows that miracles happen each and every day. The only limit that exists on the support available from Spirit is the limitation we put in the way. www.hearthealingheart.com

Pauleen Oakley

Pauleen is an astrologer, numerologist and tarot consultant. She follows her passion by teaching, counselling and empowering others with these tools. She lives with her husband and is a mother of three daughters and a grandmother of seven. With two of her daughters she manages Isis Moon, a healing haven on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. www.isimoon.net

Renalda Kleeman

Renalda resonates with the ocean, whales, stillness and colour.  She brings these qualities into people’s lives through her practice called Colour Harmony By The Sea. Renalda uses light, aromatherapy oils, sea and colour essences to enliven people’s awareness, self-love, inner happiness and peace so they may enrich their lives and relationships. Inspired by her own life journey, Renalda supports people in experiencing more abundance and empowerment in their lives. With deep respect, empathy and joy, she creates a safe space for the unfolding of each person’s unique potential and transformational process.

Renalda is a qualified Massage Therapist, Aura-Soma Consultant and Light Pen Practitioner. She practices Aromatherapy massage, applies light and colour to chakras, meridians and acupuncture points, offers personal and relationship guidance through Aura-Soma Colour Readings and runs workshops. She is located in Newport, Sydney. www.colourharmony.com.au

Rowena Robinson

Rowena is a traditionally trained herbalist. With a thriving practice on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, she is passionate about helping clients towards health and true wellness. Born in Los Angeles and trained in the US and Sydney, Rowena has a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement and Health from Southern Illinois University and a Diploma in Herbal Medicine from the Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine. Rowena immigrated to Australia in 1972 with her Australian husband. They have three grown children and two grandchildren. Rowena established herself in the community as an educator. After supporting her family to recovery from allergies, systemic illness and chronic sports injury she began a journey towards a career in the healing arts. Having risen from poverty to self-care and success, Rowena can help you to achieve great things with your health and wellness.  www.wellbody.com.au

Sherree Maniks

Sherree is a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a lover, a dog and bird owner and an artist. Her passions include dancing, exploring all forms of creativity, connecting with nature, participating in sacred ritual and ceremony, being a witness to people expressing their true potential and exploring the power of personal healing through creativity. After graduating as a Transpersonal Art Therapist in 2009, Sherree wanted to be part of a network of natural therapists and healers in her local area. She couldn’t find one so she created The H.E.A.L Network with a vision to connect, support and empower all ‘healers’ on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The network is growing from strength to strength and in 2012 is stepping into the world of co-creation. www.allthingssacred.etsy.com

Sherree designed & made the sacred cloth chakra circles used as the centrepiece of each WOWE gathering.

Siann Matharu

Siann is a graduate of the Hammond Institute and has completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and is a certified Angel Intuitive. She is passionate about serving women and mothers by assisting them to find clarity, balance and vitality in their lives. Siann has a person centred approach and believes that we all have our own answers within us—by gaining awareness and understanding of our inner process we are able to bring about positive change in our lives. She has trained in the areas of grief and loss, addictions, relationship issues, depression, trauma, stress and anxiety. She also has an interest in supporting women who are experiencing conception and fertility issues. She has recently written a research paper about the Goddess Culture in the East and its potential to heal the deep spiritual longing that can awaken when women transition to motherhood. Siann is currently working in the area of addictions and runs spiritual workshops for mothers. www.motherasgoddess.com

Sue Walliker

Sue is a spiritual teacher, clairvoyant and medium. She enjoys reading for her face-to-face clients and her Skype clients nationally and internationally. Sue is the only Australia-wide clairvoyant on http://www.redballoon.com.au and has enjoyed being on this site since its inception ten years ago. Loving people and being the passionate teacher, Sue has written and presented courses throughout her life. Many of these have been to empower adults and children to lovingly accept, nurture and forgive themselves. This is the basis for all our gifts unfolding.

She is currently presenting a course called Find Calm in the Chaos. This course is the ultimate compilation of the best practices Sue has gleaned throughout her life, to meet the moment with a still mind and a loving heart. In this state we can truly be afforded the highest possible outcome from every moment. Sue would love to hear from you!  www.sydneyclairvoyant.com.au

Terri Montgomery

Terri has a love of life, health and zest of energy to help others in need. She equally loves to travel and to follow her intuition on the path of life. Her life revolves around family, fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation and spiritual growth. Her philosophy: be true to yourself, dare to follow your dreams, trust you will be guided, have belief, patience and enjoy the journey! Terri is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer. Having studied at the Australian Institute of Fitness she obtained qualifications of Master Trainer, Personal Trainer Cert. IV & Gym Instructor Cert. III. She received the Energizer Award for achievement, encouraging and offering support to other class members, dedication and enthusiasm. She holds a Certified Introduction in Nutrition and Health through Nature Care College. Terri is passionate about helping people become fitter, healthier and stronger in mind, body and spirit through her business Yogafit based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. yogafit.com.au

Tricia Durr

Tricia has been working as a massage therapist since 1997 and has a private clinic named Anahola, a Hawaiian word meaning ‘a place outside time’. She has a passion for the Mayan calendar and offers Mayan intuitive guidance as a compliment to her massage. Tricia’s other love is Hawaii and she has been fortunate to have met and trained with some Kapunas (elders) in massage and experience through them the Spirit of Aloha. She delights in sharing these gifts.