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‘Every Monday night for the past year, I have sat in a circle with a group of men and women to share our stories–some were of pain, others of hope, but all were inspirational. Everyone took their turn to speak, and when they did, everyone else listened. I found that I revealed much more of myself than I would ordinarily. Would sitting in a triangle or square have the same effect? I think not: there is something about a circle which creates trust and intimacy.

Circles have been used in rituals from all cultural traditions since the beginning of time. As well as being emblematic of the sun, moon and planets, circles represent the eternal cycle of life. They are also used for protection, something I put to the test on a recent camping trip. Now, sleeping out in the bush is not my idea of fun, so I placed a circle of sticks around my tent. Maybe it was the placebo effect, but I did feel safer and I surprised myself by sleeping well.

Nicole Gruel, author of Women of the Wise Earth, understands the power of circles. She and 33 other women came together in a circle seven times, representing each of the seven chakras, to share insights and wisdom. “Gathering in a circle is one of the most ancient and universal human practices,” she says. “A circle is a symbol of equality and unity; each member is connected and together they form a whole. Sitting in a circle creates a safe, sacred space where you recognise each other at a soul level and where, with intention, a process can take place. When one person speaks and all are listening with open hearts and minds, something in the human spirit moves and is moved. With the Women of the Wise Earth circles, each woman innately melted into the space and environment in a way that felt most right to them.” Gruel’s words describe my Monday nights exactly. I don’t even have to speak to experience the circle’s power. It is a place where I am safe to be myself.’ Hedley Galt, Feb-Mar 2013

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‘This book is a treasure trove for the modern woman who seeks a deep sense of connection to her Self, her womanness, the Earth and her ancient feminine power. It is filled with lived wisdom, story, beautiful image, yoga, creative play and more. This book dives spiritually deep with 33 women who are consciously walking their path and revelations they have received along the way. WOWE is a companion for any woman who feels called to come into her full vitality, intuitive guidance and natural radiance. It is an offering from one sister to another and an invitation to play, to dance, to laugh, to cry and to simply be with one’s perfectly imperfect entirety.’ Summer 2013


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‘In Women of the Wise Earth, author Nicole Gruel together with photographer Kristie Steers bring together 33 women with various backgrounds in spiritual and health and wellbeing practices. There are healers, artists, poets, yogis and natural therapists–each with a strong connection to feminine energy. At seven sacred locations, the women sit in a circle and share their deepest knowledge and experience. This valuable information, centered around feminine spirituality, is offered in seven colourful chapters relating to the main chakras. There’s art, poetry, yoga, projects, practices and more. If you’re looking for some juicy inspiration to reconnect you with your feminine energy, Women of the Wise Earth is a great choice.’ December 2012

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September 2012